Thursday, 13 December 2007

Psychedelic drugs and The Path To Creativity?

The other day while I was reading some stuff about PCR (Polymerase chain Reaction) which is a technique used in molecular Biology (people with medical or biological background or CSI fans are familiar with it)
The thing is that it is a very famous invention that revolutionized Genetics and Cloning, while reading about its history its inventor or creator Karry mullis who won a Nobel Prize in 1993 for this Idea admits that he would have never come up with this idea without Taking LSD and Psychedelic drugs!!! Which he says opened new dimensions in creativity for him.
According to Karry he says I used to see the molecules as if I'm betwwen them!!
LSD is a drug that belongs to a class of drugs called Psychedelics these whic include the magic mushrooms also, Because these agents were originally extracted from mushrooms at he beggining!!
I got so interested that got a link to a documentary about LSD and other Psychedelics that reports that this drug was actually legal till the end of the 60’s and its recreational abuse was in parallel with the The hippie subculture during that time and all this cultural and anti war revolution that happened during this period was related to LSD!! and some even claim that the government prohibited it becsause of these events while at the same time some scientists even reported some theraputic usage for it like stopping alcohol and heroin addiction!!!!
Other people Claim that most of Microsoft’s Programmers who started the company were also using psychedelics!!

Prestegious University Professors and scientists also admit taking the drug!!
There is Also reports that the CIA had also A secret project called t MKULTRA which used to test the effect of LSD on diiferent classes in the society and meassure hoe it affects their creativity!!
I mean could this drug which was prohibited before it’s has been regularly tested be one of the drugs that could prove to be of theraputic application!!!??
While it is currently thrown in the Bin!!
No Wonder they're Called Magic Drugs!! HEHE

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Ridley's Scott American Gangster

Ridley's Scott latest movie American Gangster is a must see movie, Set in the 70's era and based on a true story American Gangster is about a herion kingpin Frank Lucas (Denzel Washington) who established the 1st black Drug trafficking organization in the U.S.
It has been a long time Since i saw a good movie like this one, it rises to the level of Godfather and Scarface so if you like this kind of movies you have to to go for this one!!
with denzel and russel crow's (A detective who's trying to bring down Frank lucas) performance i just loved it!!
I'm not gonna ruin the movie by talking about it you just have to watch it!

MY 1st ONE

Well I guess this is gonna be my 1st blog, for More than a year I’ve been trying to create my own blog but couldn't get the courage to do it, I don’t know what I’m going to write about or what is it’s purpose and I’m pretty Sure that no one is going to read it!!
Well the thing that made me finally do it is some nonsense that I believe in which is SIGNS (maybe I read too much of Paolo Coelho’s Stuff),But Since I moved to the UK lately to do my postgraduate studies I’m starting to spend lots of time on the web and found blogging a really interesting thing and been thinking about it for a while and during the last week I read lots of Jordanian Blogs and found there is a big blogging community in Jordan which I know has been active for a while now, but what I mean it is growing and getting more popular, but what got me to the idea to start writing is Osama Abu hlaleh’s Article in Alghad newspaper describing Jordanian blogs and how we’re still in the birth period compared to the rest of the world “well I guess our people find it hard to read books and newspapers what about Blogs!!!” But the thing got me to start it is his note about a blog being created every second on the web now so I decided reserve my place in one of these seconds!!