Sunday, 9 December 2007

Ridley's Scott American Gangster

Ridley's Scott latest movie American Gangster is a must see movie, Set in the 70's era and based on a true story American Gangster is about a herion kingpin Frank Lucas (Denzel Washington) who established the 1st black Drug trafficking organization in the U.S.
It has been a long time Since i saw a good movie like this one, it rises to the level of Godfather and Scarface so if you like this kind of movies you have to to go for this one!!
with denzel and russel crow's (A detective who's trying to bring down Frank lucas) performance i just loved it!!
I'm not gonna ruin the movie by talking about it you just have to watch it!


Dandoon said...

Excellent movie...if you love mafia movies I also reccomend a relatively new must-see; We Own the Night
Personnaly I found We Own the Night much stronger than American Gangster

Ammar said...

Really i never heard of it before!
im sure im gonna look for it
THX for the advice :)